Events Disclaimer

EFT Payments
*EFT entries must email a proof of payment to in advance as some payments might not reflect by time event takes place, entries will not be allowed that has no proof of payment emailed to us or print out brought along to the registration of events, always use the ORDER NUMBER of online receipt as bank reference.

*EFT entries not completed and confirmed within 48 hours will be deleted and you will have to create a new entry and will forfeit any promotional prices that might have expired by time of new entry processed again.

Race Rules

Every participant will have to comply by our race rules & that of the host venue, we take no responsibility.

The race rules set aside for the runners like compulsory gear etc gives organisers full rights to disqualify any participant for the sake of safety of the participant & fellow runners.

No participant will be allowed to participate without following the rules or compulsory gear that’s required for the event.

Risk & Liability

Cityrun (Pty) Ltd do hereby release & discharge the organisers, any and all sponsors, volunteers, medical personnel and any of the above mentioned members and arising out of your participation in any events hosted by or on behalf of Cityrun (Pty) Ltd, including pre and post race activities.

I confirm that I am physically fit, trained and experienced for this event and assume all risks for such participation.

I accept all rules, conditions and regulations that include the payment of the entry fee and will comply with them.

All persons under the age of 18 must be entered by their legal guardians. All children participating in any of our events, kids entertainment and so forth must always be supervised by their parents (guardians) as Cityrun (Pty) Ltd takes no responsibility for taking care of said children.

You enter and make use of the event facilities, the conservancy, venue and so forth at your own risk and no liability can be claimed against Cityrun (Pty) Ltd or the venue.

I hereby confirm that I understand and accept the above mentioned terms and conditions.

Payment policy
Payment for your entry must be received within 48 hours of you submitting your online entry. Until your payment is received you do not hold an entry to the event, once payment is received a ticket with barcode will be emailed to you, please print it and bring along for registration on race day.

Please take note only when your payment is received will your entry be considered an official & confirmed entry to the event.

Should you not to make payment in time, your entry will be deleted as stipulated above.

* All meals not included unless specified on race entry for all participants & companions.

Refund policy
Please note that our “no refunds” policy applies to all entries – unless a substitution can be found at least 4 weeks before the event or to postpone event for next one will have to be done 4 weeks prior to race date in writing to, in the case of events that includes items like shirts, etc that is ordered by shirt size etc, the substituted participant will have to either forfeit or accept what was made & ordered for original participant, admin fee of 10% for substitutions, to postpone your entry for next event due to circumstances, only the difference of amount between the entry paid and new event entry fee will be levied.

It is the participant’s responsibility to find a substitution, not the organisers’. If a participant intends to withdraw, he or she must inform the organisers immediately and check if there is a waiting list in place – if there is, their entry will be offered to the next athlete in line. If not, the participant must find someone to take their place. Please note that a refund will only be given once a substitute is found and they have paid for their entry. Under no circumstances may someone take part under another athlete’s name. Please be aware that failure to appear at an event for which you are registered means that your entry fee will neither be refunded nor transferred to the following year’s event. In the event that you want to postpone your entry for following year or event due, only the difference between the two events will be liable to be paid, such postponed entries should be done no later than 4 weeks prior to event due to items that might be ordered that’s associated with the entry benefits.


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